Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm Baaaaack 8-06

Wow.  That was a whirlwind trip sorta.
The cat was fortunate in that she had one of my very good friends volunteer to look after her while I was gone.  The little maroon (cat) never showed her face the entire time my friend was here to feed her.  So she missed out on some snugles, some brushing, some playing and all because she decided she was mad because I left.  Whatta maroon!
But I made the trip in 5 hrs. going and the same time coming back despite the miles long traffic backup on the Interstate right near here.  The last 20 miles of my trip took a long long time and never did see any reason for the slow down.
We all had a wonderful rest of Friday afternoon and evening.  And we went out to eat; I treated. (I'm the mama is why).  Saturday we went to most of the places in Charlotte I feel I MUST go to.  I just spend a lot of money in those places and the trunk and back seat of the car is usually overflowing with stuff.  (For me, yes but also  I also do some Christmas shopping while there).  This time I came back with nothing.  Well, I take that back.  I went into Old Na-vy and got two white batiste or lawn tops.  So pretty, sheer somewhat, pristine white and some little lace, pintucks and embroidery on one or either. That was just 60 dollars plus tax.  That's it outside of what I got my son and grandson here and there. The vehicle made it back with just what I took there and the 2 tops.
Saw one heck of a truck wreck on the way.  I was on the N.C. border near the welcome center and a big rig had nosed head first into the high concrete median between East and West lanes of I-40. ( yes, in the mountains) The tractor part was smashed all the way to the back of the tractor.  Had to be a bad injury there.  The trailer was turned over onto its side and another big rig right behind it, the tractor  part wrecked by smashing into the one I just described but the trailer part was still upright.  Needless to say traffic was coming to standstill.  It happened on the opposite side of where I was so on this one, I was unaffected.
The weather was beautiful and very humid and hot.  For the first time in a long while I found my face was reddened from heat, I was sweating and I usually don't do that. It was good to get home (much later in the day or evening I should say) and get out of those clothes.
Just as hot here at home but I am in to stay till I go out tomorrow to refuel. 
Hope everyone had a good weekend..missed you.
And here is a P.S.  For some inexplicable reason, when I hit "publish" for this particular blog entry, MSN refused me the publish and declared I had objectionable language in it.  I went over it closely and eliminated that my top got super sweaty i.e. wet after we all went all kinds of places all day Saturday.  It still would not let me publish, nor would it let me save to draft.  Sigh.  I copied it and hoped to be able to re-insert it again later.  It worked this time.  Go figure.
I am extremely sleepy.  We went to our beds a little late last night for having to rise so early this morning (me in particuilar as I am a woman and need that make-up/hair lead time before an event) in order to get the early church service there where they go to church in Charlotte.  So, I was as duded up as I could be for that awful hour early this Sunday and off we went to the church (which is beautiful I might add) and from there, onward to I-85 and to home (after hitting I-26 and I-40 too).  I can't wait for a bath and own bed. 

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  1. Lol, I bet the refuse on the publish was because the tops were a little sheer, hahahahah. Just kidding.
    That was some accident. All we can hope for at this point is that the truck driver didn't "name" his rig.
    Glad you made it there and back in safety and one piece. Going to miss your blog when you hit the night shift :(