Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It Just Ain't Fair! July 14, 2010

My goodness. I have stood shivering in the bathroom after coming out of the shower during the winter...even when the heat is blowing in there and just froze almost in place trying to get dried off. And trying to step over my 4 footed supervisor who attends my royal bath each day. I would mutter that I couldn't wait till summer when it would be uniformly warm in the house and no more shivering.

HOW could I forget all the times like the ones I have been going thru for several months now, with several more months to come? I step into the my thing..step out right into the direct and strong blast of cold frigid air just where I have to be in my tiny bathroom, to dry off. So I shiver my timbers all year LONG for pity sakes.

And, I might add, the supervisor is stretched out supervising exactly at my stepping out place. So I have to dodge stepping on her as I gingerly make my way out of the tub. After I am all dried off, freezing completely, THEN she leaves and precedes me to the bedroom whereupon I anoint myself with self tanner and jammies.

THEN we repair into the computer room where we tend to our collective emails (her blog) and mine and Flickr. OH! Happy Bastille Day! Life is good, ain't it? ♥


  1. I use a little heater in the bathroom in the winter, but rarely shiver in the summer. Only if I'm using the outdoor shower tent and there's a cool breeze blowing.

  2. Ummm...I have a whole bunch of one-liners. But I shall just share two words, “No comment.”

    However, think about this…There are plenty of benefits to ending your shower with cold water. Ancient samurai warriors used to pour buckets of cold river water over themselves every morning. It is called a “Shinto” practice. Around here I would call that a “Shrinking” process.

    That’s all I got to say about that…

  3. lolol Greg! I am hot till October in Az, so Carole it sounds like heaven to me!