Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just lucky I guess 4/06

Another georgous day and I am up all day long to enjoy it as well. Can't beat that with a stick.
Took me three hours to run all the necessary errands but since I am off work, who cares?  Except for the gas prices.  I plan my trips so that I don't zigzag all over town, yes, but with this morning's gas price at $2.78 per gallon of regular gas, it was interesting and un-nerving to see how little gas I got for my $18.72.  Is it really supply and demand?  Didn't gas companies adjust their blend for Summer all these years past?  Or is it only corporate greed, largely?  No matter what it is, we are really REALLY paying the price.  I get irritated at political pundits saying we are a Nation "addicted" to gasoline.  Please.  What choice do we have?  Real choice, I mean. 
Then there are grocery prices.  Some of the rise in them are a ripple effect of the high cost of gasoline and diesel.  However, the prices for most goods have risen dramatically in the past month.
I also got myself out and weeded the upper flower bed and all along the front of the house where the Azaleas are planted.  Oh, my back.  But it had to be done.
I cancelled a luncheon today as I couldn't get back in time.  Maybe next break.
I have been just chillin' since all the morning and early afternoon activities by reading the rest of the newspapers that were waiting for me.  And counting calories.  I do Weight Watchers, or have done and just started back on the regimine.  Gained 9 pounds over Winter.  I do it to myself every time.  You'd think I would just not go there. baking and so on calls to me after a years deprivation and I'll do it every time.
Dogwoods are already losing their blooms and I never really got a chance to enjoy them.  It was always dark when I left..or dark when I came home..or I was sleeping or gone.  Again, not too much longer and I will be out of that awful schedule.
Who wants to open the topic of Animal Rights?  Anyone? animal wants me to go play.  She's waited long enough.

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