Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last Day of Freedom 5/06

Last day of freedom before starting work tomorrow bright and early.  I took today off.  Just delaying the inevitable.
But it has been a little different today beginning with a phone call at 0830 asking if I would consider running for County Commisioner.  Besides knocking the pins out from under me as that was totally unexpected, it was a brighter start to the day than I anticipated when I got up this morning.
As one would have to declare next month, the run off in August and the term starting in September..I wouldn't have the time needed to learn all I needed about the position and all it entails. 
That's one of those things where your ignorance will be found out immediately if you tried to wing it.  So, I will decline but..I don't rule it out in future.  All who really know me aside from the blog know I am a 12 hr. shift rotation person and I would have no time to devote to the office until after this September.
Tell you what I always wanted to do but never did try (shift work) is be on the Board of Education.  One is voted into that as well and who has time? At least now.
Other than that, amazingly the day is passing very quickly.  I have a luncheon in another hour and after that it will be shampoo, set and sit around in rollers (I never use heat, and my hair is undamaged) for several hours thereby ending any time outside the home till it's over and then, since I have to go to bed so early, heck, you may as well say I am in for the rest of the day and evening once I return from the lunch. 
I am going to see one of my sons this coming weekend.  There is an exhibition of the Dead Sea scrolls there at The Discovery Place.  Man, no way I want to miss that. 

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