Monday, July 19, 2010

Last of 6 '06

WHEW!  Thank goodness.  When I go in tonight, that will be the last of the 6 days and nights.  Three days off, and the day shifts start Monday.
The cat gave me a break this time but man, she has been a real nuisance since I started work last Friday.  Waking me up after 4 hrs sleep by meowing and ...doing that every little while, not allowing me to sleep in between. If I didn't have to go to work for 12 hrs., I could take a nap or something. She is an indoor cat so I can't just toss her out. She'd bored more than usual.  Well, maybe things will level out.
Just crammed in my breakfast here at 1500 hrs.  My usual of 2 eggs, 2 toasts. Word to the wise :)  if you are going to use sugarless jelly on your toast, just pay the money and get a known respected brand.  I bought a house brand from you-know-where and it was startling tasting. Back to the well known brand!!  I saved almost a dollar but it wasn't worth it.  What's that old saying? "Just pay the two dollars!"
I have re-started my too long put off diet.  Having stopped smoking here a couple months ago really put a cog in my wheels.  I gained weight on top of that 10 pounds I had to lose anyway.  But I have a grip now and on my way down. It ain't easy.
I have dial-up, yes, but for some reason, the blogs are loading agonizingly slow.  I am used to that with a couple of you and save yours for last when I have time, but even the ones without music and a lot of photographs are loading like water dripping off the end of a faucet in the middle of the night.  I think MSN must be doing something again.
Ahh.  I am full with eggs and toast and a Dr. Pepper!!  Can't beat that with a stick.  Breakfast of champions.
Have to find something pretty to wear...well I always try to do me and the guys are going out to breakfast in the morning.  We always hit Shon-ey's en masse by 0715 and belly up to the breakfast bar.  They have the best eggs and fruits, never mind all the rest of the foods available.  As I am on a diet I will have to be careful with what I choose but looking forward to it.  YUM. We are pretty loud when we all come in and fill up the long tables but we tip well!   Then, home to sleep till noon..up...clean the house as I usually do when I get off any given shift and then...a 3 day break!! I'll be busy with errands and what not.
You all have a great rest of the day and no meowing!!!

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