Friday, July 2, 2010

Life March 06

Sometimes life deals you a powerful blow as we all well realize. I got a page from my brother and that's never a good thing as they both have illnesses. But this time the page was in regard to my other brother's wife. She had a massive stroke and was moved to a major hospital in a near by city there. The outlook is not favorable.
I was talking to one of my sons on the phone a few minutes ago and we are already, the 5 of us making tentative plans to go up North if the worst happens. If I disappear for awhile, that's why.
Other than that, I am off work till Monday when I start day shifts. I already have plans for tomorrow and Saturday that I am looking forward to.
The son I was talking to and I were remembering last April when there was a very special occasion in our immediate family and for the first time ever, all of us were together at the same time. Both brothers and their kids, were there and that is a major first. I haven't seen one of my brothers since my father passed away; that's how long ago it was and I actually did not recognize him. Luckily the other brother is nearer. It was glorious being together and we have a wonderful picture of all three, my two brothers and me, and their wives and kids and me and mine together. I am so glad, especially now.
Keep your family close and don't let the usual reasons stand in the way. Those being most frequently ( and I ought to know!!) that there isn't time.
That may sadly come true one day.

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  1. Sorry you have has a bad time haven't you..
    we all in ourlives are just like the Ocean-waves.
    Your reaction is very good one.