Monday, July 19, 2010

Moving Right Along '06

Here it is Sunday, the last of my three day shifts.  I will start midnights tomorrow night. 
I haven't slept more than 5 hrs. each night for three nights and that is due to a new 30 day perscription I have (side effect).  The benefits should outweigh the side effects I would think.  We will see by mid month August.
I have not had time to read anything and that is unusual.  I haven't read the newspaper nor have I watched the news.  It has been that busy for me since I began my work cycle Friday morning.
I have been around to see most everyone except one.  Larry, I will see you tonight.  :) 
I am hoping that when I go to bed a little later tonight (bedtime is 2030 when I am on day shifts) that I will sleep a little longer in the morning.  I can use the sleep.
Meanwhile I am being boring again.  Have a Blessed day and I'll see you later.

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