Sunday, July 25, 2010

Much more Tame 9/06

Comparing the shopping frenzy the past several days with the quietude of today there is no contest.
I woke at 0530.  Not because I wished to, and got up.  By 0815 me and the cat were asleep in the chair for about 45 minutes while the rain pounded down.  It has not quit yet! There are flood alerts pouring in on the computer as I write.  It is raining some 2 " per hour.
I have been around to see everyone..some several times in case they blogged today.
I am beginning to wonder if anyone's hotmail account works.  Several bloggers I see every day have a hotmail address up if someone wishes to email them.  All emails come back to me as undeliverable.
I mentioned several months ago that the organization I work for lost mine and several thousand others personal information due to a hacked computer.  Scares the heck out of me!!!  I got word today after all this time, that as soon as I go online and fill out an "application" the organization will pay for 2 years of credit monitoring.  Good thing too.  You know..after all the years I have been ultra careful trying to safeguard my info and shred things here at home..being careful on-line and out and have my stuff stolen like that is infuriating!  We are all of us out there sitting on a time will happen again and again to the darndest organizations!!!  Not many, if any, are safe.
Friend of mine gave me my birthday card early.  I was going to save it till the day but could not stand it so opened it early.  I have it on the fridge! I went up to get the keys to the house for when I cat sit for them in a couple of weeks. Ah...soon as I look them up for us again I will be back to post some url's and/or addresses phone numbers we all need so as to check what some places have on us.  The MIB for certain.  My hair raised up off my head 20  some years ago when I found out from *20/20* what that is and what's in there.  It's enough to give you gray hair!  I started questioning my personal physician right after that, and forever more.
Question:  Who has thought ahead to the possible consequences of all this genetic testing "they" are offering?  Yes, it can be a service to you in that if you are affected with whatever...early treatment can be put into effect or prevention efforts can least you'll know.  BUT!!!  BUT!!!! You have to KNOW that every time you apply for insurance or other things of that nature..even a job sometimes depending on the description of the job and the qualifications (like mine for example) your employer and worst still, your insurance agency can look at your medical info (I am sure you all know this..I am just making a point) and perhaps deny you insurance (or a job) because of a genetic test, for example, that you have had or in the event a genetitic test showed you would be prone to have (and the results posted of course in your records) say...Huntingdon's Disease . 
Any disease.  I just picked that one.  It would sure make me stop and think before I took advantage of these tests offered out there that the results are sent to your Dr.  and then sent to the MIB.  Just got to thinking about that as there was a news report several nights ago about certain genetic testing available  on demand to the general public.
OK.  Off the soap box.
See you later.

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