Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Not What I Planned 06

When my son hit the sack at 2330 and I soon thereafter in the quiet of my room and Miss Kitty tucked under my arm, who knew I would hear the snap of the light being switched on in the neighboring room at 0455 along with some thumping sounds?
I laid there a few minutes...thump, thump thump.  I got up, opened the door to the spare room and asked my grandson what in the world was he doing?  He said " Rocking".  I said " You woke me up..you dad is asleep; I am going back to sleep.  Pull the rocking chair away from the wall before you rock and good night."  I did manage to get back to sleep and looked in at 7 when I woke to see him under the covers ( it dropped to 59 last night) and sound asleep with light blazing.
They are headed back sometime before noon today and I will miss them.  The other two showing up to see their brother and nephew was a bonus but at least I get to see them now and again as they only live 15 miles away from me.  I will fix these 2 a good breakfast.  Potatoes O'Brian, eggs, and bacon with orange juice.  I like to fuss as I hardly ever cook for myself.
Oh and the cat gave me my first indicator that things would not go my way sleep-wise last night when after snuggling in tight with her head on my forearm and us in the dark with sleep hovering...she leapt to all 4 feet and went to the side of my bed and threw up a purty good sized hairball on my premium 450 count white sheets.  Sigh.  I got up, stomped into the kitchen, got a paper towel and removed said hairball and I thought the heck with the rest. I got back in on MY side of the bed away from the hairball site and went to sleep. (little knowing the Rocking Chair Adventure was upcoming next on the playlist!)
But as with any grandparent or parent, I would rather wrestle with that and them here, than have an undisturbed night..trust me.
It is just up 0800 and everyone is still asleep.  I have the bacon ready to cook..the table set.  Ready..lights...action!  Let the day begin.
See ya later

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