Monday, July 19, 2010

Note to Self 7/06

Note to self:  Don't try to put any comments in anyone's blog when your fingers and the rest of you just got up!  Gee.  Things are bad enough at best but just getting up is not the optimum time to try to compose or write anything.
I had made a comment in Beth Marie's blog a few minutes ago where I asked her if I could ride shotgun next time her husband went to the hospital.  I added, as an encouragement, that I shoot expert.  I do.  However I mangled the sentence in the comment and who knows what brain synapses failed while writing.   or if they were even awake yet. 
First midnight down, three to go.  I slept like a son-of-a-gun this time but not quite long enough as a pet!!!!!! I own meowed a lot from 1500 on. I slept well as the first midnight gives you just a nap between you and the next day 25 hrs. later.
I've been around to see three, four.  I have to splash and find something to wear tonight and round up just a few things to take in to eat.  I didn't get to the yogurt smoothie nor the yogurt last night so still have that and a little  frozen entree there.
See you in the morning.  I'll help keep America safe.

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