Monday, July 19, 2010

Nother Day, Nother Dollar

I got up half an hour ago and have already had my usual eggs and toast.  I see I used "large" as the font for the blog instead of 'normal'.  SIGH!  Oh well.
Two midnights down, this and one more to go.  My furry alarm clock came in at 1230!! But she settled in the crook of my back and we both went comfortably back to sleep.  This time the clock woke me at 1545.
I was reading in another blog that someone she had visited had mentioned that when the other person was looking at who was reading her blog, she noticed the gover*ment was!!!  Scary!!!!  Really makes you think.  That IS one of the reasons I try to be fairly innocuous however. Unwelcome attention is never desireable.
I noticed as I made my way into the kitchen to start my "day" that the hummingbird feeder is dry as a bone.  They had about 1 1/2 inches of food in there when I went to work last night.  So, soon as I drag on something to wear I will go out there and feed 'em up again.
I'm fuller'n a tick from my breakfast and still feel like I want to go back to sleep for another few hours!! I need to get going and start waking up.
You all be safe..see you tomorrow.

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