Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Now that was fun 06

Glad I had had my breakfast, 2 cups of coffee and was awake sufficiently at 1600.  I called in to QVC..which I do every now and again and ordered a pair of rose gold rose shaped earrings.  They asked me if I would like to talk to the show host.  I said I would and by golly I got to.
I have been buying from them for 18 years and finally got a chance to talk to a show host.  It was fun.  For those who watch the network, I talked to Rick.
Here comes day 5 of 6 when I go in tonight, for getting near the end of an essentially 72 hour work week.  I was so whupped when I came home this morning that after I got into bed (the cat comfortably ensconced on my chest..all 13 pounds of her) I picked up my book and found I was asleep before I even got to read the first page.  I tried anyway and found myself asleep again, Miss Cat was looking at me from her perch high atop my chest like.."what happened?"..and I just gave up.  Turned out the light and was gone till 1439.  I would have prefered to stay asleep till 1530 but oh well.
Tried to make that appointment with the lawyer regarding a matter I spoke of in a blog a few days ago but the person answering did not have his calender.  How can you not have a calender???? Seems like if he took it with him as she stated he did, there would be something in the office with which to make appointments...at least you would think.
This is turning into a rant and I need to do my mascara.

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