Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh NO. Not another one! 3/06

Oh Gee. I do believe there is a DEAD mouse under the sink area. I noticed the cat was staying in the immediate area but not acting like there was one running about.
I had an adventure last week catching one. Spring, I guess, or the oncoming of Spring is bringing the things in. If I could find out where, I would stop up the entry point.
However, there is a distinct bad smell in the kitchen. You know what that means! I'll have the horribly unpleasant task of finding said object after taking everything out from under. Oh man...I'd rather run nekkid down the street in broad daylight than deal with those mice, alive or dead. One of those times I wish I was still married. The man of the house could deal with it. I am trying to steel myself to go in there and just do it.
Meanwhile, I have as much done toward the onslaught of the day shifts which start tomorrow, that I can do ahead of time, done Three days of noise and clamor, coming right up.
Maybe this weekend I can finally make it to Charlotte. With my luck, it will snow in the Mountains again. We'll see.
A friend of mine, making fun of my luck says " When is it going to snow again?" Meaning, when are you going to try again to make that trip.
You ever think about children, whether still small or grown, and manners?
Assuming you do your personal best in rearing them with a sense of manners, and responsibility toward others, you largely see the result of that when they are grown (of course). Me, I'm fortunate. Mine are well mannered. I was reading Miss Manners column in the Sunday paper this morning and she had a column devoted to that. You really do reap what you sow. I guess one of the most important (at least to me personally) things is: You are your childern's parent first and foremost, not, repeat, NOT their "friend". Parents have a deep responsibility to rear their child with a sense of responsibility and kindness among many many other things. That means parenting and guiding the child, not being their best friend. I know..someone will be thinking about how they can show the child that they can confide their problems if the parent doesn't show they are a friend. Well, trust is the word. Instill trust in yourself as a parent and the child will give that trust back. It's been done for generations. However the past 40 years the pendulum has swung in the other direction. Give 'em what they ask their friend. Don't let them do without anything. In other words, don't allow the frustration that is a necessity in learning how to deal with life when they leave the nest!
Frustration, having to wait, having the discipline to wait, earn and work for something are valuable tools. The price the parent pays is having to endure the tantrums, and bad behavior. That is if the child has learned that works.
Oh, this is my opinion, and it could get into 10 pages if I keep on.
I'll stop with offending some instead of many.

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