Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh what FUN! 5/06

All my trepidations were for nothing!!!  I have been for the helicopter ride and I am back again in one piece.
Now that was fun!  I wish you could have seen me though when I jerked to the left as the pilot banked to the right (I was sitting on the right) because I had a fear of falling out of the helicopter which was ridiculous as we were all enclosed within.  It was the glass window/door that went from top to bottom that gave the illusion of nothingness between me and the outside.  Needless to say I didn't tell anyone my reaction.  How embarrassing.
After we (3) got in, we were firmly seatbelted and headphones were handed out and plunked on our heads.  After a sound check as it were, off we went.  He did us the favor of going forward some instead of straight up.  Whew.  THEN we went straight up.  The thrill factor for we never-have-done-this before's was like a 10 on a scale of 1-10.
It was mentioned  to the pilot that I live here in this town and on the east end at that, (I am 7 miles away from work) so he asked where and headed east.  After seeing the main artery through town I managed with the help of my seatmate to find the house!!!  He flew way close to the top of the house...three times we circled this house.  What a total thrill that was!!!  I asked my oldest who is visiting if he paid any attention to it..he said he'd heard it and wondered if that was me!!  It was!!!!!  It was ME! 
We flew over the Site where I work, all over it front back and sideways, then off to two other Sites and had a great look at all of them.  As I said earlier.  This will never happen again as flying over that airspace is not done.  And good grief, my HOUSE too!  What's not to like there!? 
It was loud, fairly smooth and wow..when we approached one of the many many hilly areas covered with was something else to seem to be flying right into them only to rise lightly above and watch them pass under us.
After we landed and I guess it was about a 35 minute flight, our photographers were there and took a picture of us three standing by the helicopter.  I for one have long long hair and probably looked like Medusa with the strands wafting out from the air from the rotor blades.  I can't wait to see them as they said they would allow each of us to have one.  Since there will be no harm, I will attempt to post it.  Thing is, the reason I haven't any new pictures in the blog is because the silly blog apparatus won't accept any.  I say "new" it goes to the part where I can go into my documents..I check the one I want, and it just sits there grinning!  Maybe my other son who blogs will help me.
Hey, just wanted to tell you I got 'er done and tickled as a new calf about the whole thing.

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