Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Old Time Cures 4/06

Reading through a magazine that has old timey things in it and the column about old time remedies got me thinking about my brothers and what they had to go through when they were kids.
They are quite a bit older than I and they actually had Whooping Cough.  Both of them contracted that.  Now of course mother took them to the Dr. but...and here's the thing..but!! she administered the ol' whisky and sugar "cure".  She did that when there was a cold and I as a tiny one was not allowed to go free. I can't claim to remember my brothers treatment nor what they went thru, true, as I wasn't on the earth at that time but have I ever been told about it since.  Both them and by mother.
Just as I was reading in that magazine article, mother did the "cure de jour" (my words and fractured French) by stirring ample amounts of sugar into like what could be termed a 'finger' of whisky until it became like honey in texture and then, the worst part, they had to open wide for a spoonful.  I did too after I got old enough.  Good grief that stuff tasted horrible!!
People were brought up with home cures and one would raised the hair off your heads now!  But it was commonplace back then. They reached for the paragoric. That was for stomach aches.  One went to the drug store and one signed for it and that was that.   Yikes again!! Mother and dad are passed away and I can't ask them anything, record or even  try to remember their memories.  I so wish that weren't so. So the hidden survey is:  Any of you remember old time remedies within your family before you were married or your grandparents way of medicating?  It's really fascinating how they dosed themselves and their families for sickness back in these days. 

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