Saturday, July 24, 2010

Once, Twice Two Times a Goof Up. 8-06

Once, Twice Two Times a Goof-up!

Tell you what:  MY  Spidey senses are tingling!!!  And for good reason too! 
Monday morning at 0555 I headed out of the house to the car to go to work.  Closed the door, fit the key into the lock and started down the steps to the car to go to work.  Arrrrggggh! Walked right into a huge spider web that was or HAD been strung by its maker from the porch overhang to the trash can to my left.  A masterful work of art I am sure!  I had to go right back inside and clean the web off my face and out of my hair and look for the occupant of the web lest he was residing in my hair considering I destroyed his house.  Headed back out and went to work.
Tuesday, at 0550, I repeated the locking of the kitchen door and started down the two steps to the car.  GAAAAA!  Right into another huge spider web.  ( not having learned from the past, I of course was doomed to repeat the failing of getting 'spidered').   Back into the house.  Clean up.  Out the door again and off to work.  But hey!  One learns eventually, even if it IS the hard way.  This morning, I opened the door and TA DAH!  I turned on the porch light and saw-- SURPRISE!--  Another huge spider web.  I got a broom and used the handle to clear a space for me and him.  Off to work unspidered this time.
This is my last day shift  as I am taking vacation tomorrow, and I start my long break. Then I will begin another work cycle and start midnights after the break.
Have plans for lunch tomorrow and starting to accumulate other calls and emails for the rest of the break save two special days when my oldest and I have some time to visit.  Can't wait.  ALWAYS look forward to that.
Maybe in the morning when I leave to do the errands I have put off while working I will be spared the sticky reminder that I failed again.
And by the way, for another adventure when I got home last evening..I opened the door and the cat had been entertaining unmannered thugs apparently as her water bowl was empty and turned over.  Her food dish was pulled half way into the center of the kitchen and her place mat was soaked as was the newspaper under it.  Sigh.  First things first though.  I petted her as a greeting for a few minutes, put down my things.  Hung up my badge and then tackled the clean up.  To give her credit she has never done that before.  Sooner she hadn't THIS time either.
To  give MSN credit, they did a super job answering me and figuring out my problems with the blog.  I have them fixed.  They answered in a timely manner too.
Have a great day you all.

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  1. You know how most everyone is afraid of something? Well, my fear is spiders, so I got a case of the sweats and shivers just reading this. I've walked into a web, too, but I didn't keep a clear head like you did. No, you could have heard me screaming for blocks. Even since I was a little kid and to this day, I have a reoccurring dream about a spider, always the same and always scaring the bejebbers out of me. Every time, I have to jump up and strip the entire bed and remake it just to make sure that spider isn't in there. And that's even KNOWING that it was a dream! Must be something psychological about that, lol.
    If Miss Catt did that and had never done that before, my bet is there was an intruder fast enough for her to try and catch. Omg, a giant spider.