Saturday, July 10, 2010

One in a Million Chance 5/06

I just came back from Charlotte, N.C. visiting my son and going with him and my grandson to The Discovery Place where they had, if you recall my writing about it, the Dead Sea Scrolls.
When we got there, the exhibit was, not unexpectedly, sold out.  Not a chance.  Nada.  But my son, who has often told me that he is 'always right' said "Let's go over there and hang around.  Maybe we can buy someone else's tickets if they have too many or changed their mind."  I thought "Ain't gonna happen."  Right after he made the comment about hoping that maybe we could buy some tickets from someone who may have a surplus we were approached by a gentleman who said " Would you like to buy some tickets?  I bought 17 and only 14 showed up."  We were delighted!  Smiling all over ourselves. And I asked how much he wanted.  He quoted five dollars under what he paid for them.  We said we would buy some and the gentleman (a young man) noticed my son's T shirt which has the color and logo of his University on it.  He asked if we came from this area and were we visiting.  My son said that is where we are all from but he himself is living in Charlotte now.  The young man said he came from near here.  I persued that and asked where.
Now here is that one in a million (literally as that is the population in Charlotte) chance that you don't expect to happen.  Not only was the man origionally from around here but when he said what town, I piped up and
said " Oh, I have two good friends from where you lived."  And I named them.  An amazed look came over his face and he said " His wife drove my school bus!!!"  He said her name and how much he liked her.
Imagine coming to a big City like Charlotte to a huge building with a sold out exhibition and meeting and talking with someone who knows your area, town, University and friends!!!
Yet it happened and just at the right time and the right place!!!  We would never have gotten to see the Dead Sea Scrolls without that chance (?) encounter.
The young man is a youth minister and by the way, my friend is a minister as well. 
Friends, the Dead Sea Scrolls are so important and so amazing words fail even me.  I have never been so awe struck.  So was everyone else in there.  There were even scroll jars, real ones, not replicas, for us to see and pieces of their earthernware in perfect condition.   For preservation sake, the rooms were all quite dim but there was enough light to see well.
Besides the main attraction of the Dead Sea Scrolls, there was a perfect set of coins from the Roman Caesars, and Herod, Pontius Pilate..all you can think of in those times.  Real ones, not replicas.  All this on loan from Israel.
I saw the origional of many portions of the old Testement.  Genesis, Isiah, Exodus and many more.  That was the most breath taking of all. 
The writing was exquisite to see.  So meticulous and tiny and beautiful.
I wish all of you could have been there. 

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  1. YOU GOT TO SEE WHAAAAT???!!!!!!
    oh Man, you are SO lucky-always wanted to see them.