Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pet Owners Only 8-06

Pet owners only need bother to read this  as I am about to hold forth on mine for a little while.
Like most pets, mine only knows love.  She has never been mistreated, dealt harshly with..just loved.  And like most pets who have a loving household, she responds with love.  Yes, they are animals, however they do adapt to living in a house and they are trainable and while they are what they are, i.e. animals, still they do have a capacity to love their owners.
I know my cat missed me a lot while I was gone.  How do I know?  When I got into bed last night, as always, she showed up to lay Sphinx-like on my chest, looking at me while I scratched her ears, petted her and asked how her day was.  This time, she scooted closer to my face than usual.  We were looking at one another crosseyed she was so close.  After awhile, she went to her usual place between the pillows and I expected she would put her head on my left shoulder as usual.  Instead, I heard purring right in my ear and felt the brush of fur as her head settled, light as thistle, on my forehead.  She had laid her chin on my forehead, and just rested there purring.  More or less leaving me to interpret that as "I have you back.  Please don't leave me".  Her left front paw with claws completely sheathed patted my face as she laid there.  That's how I went to sleep.
Meanwhile I slept very well in my own bed again and late for me..0730!  My electronic calender told me I had a luncheon with a feller this afternoon so I later headed out for that.  Did a little bit of grocery shopping and here I am home making hummingbird food and getting ready to iron. 
Sounds boring, I know, but to me it isn't.  When I am not at work, I like to keep busy and certainly to do my household chores. 
My break is starting to wind down toward the end.  Thursday starts the midnight shifts. 
Oh,  for the first time in probably 25 years I have a scale in the house.  I always tell weight by how my clothes fit.  This time I decided I would get a scale.  It was expensive but worth it as it seems accurate to what I weighed during my invasive yukky physical at work.  
I only seem to be losing a pound a week but I guess that beats the alternative! 
OK.  I'll quit meandering. 


  1. I adored this post, Carole. Really adored it. I could see Miss Catt and hear her, too. Why, I could just about feel her fur. What a sweetheart she is. Do you ever think to yourself that if you could come back as your own cat you would? I sure do. Sweet spoiling is the only way to go with pets. Then the age old question of who is the pet to whom has to be answered. I usually have someone in the grocery store ck out line, when they see all the cat food, say to me, "How many cats own you?"
    Give her a gentle and full stroke from me, ok?

  2. Wait, I just remembered something. Do you remember the old Little Golden Books? There used to be a little thingy in one of them called You Tell'em. This was in there: "You tell'em cat, that's what you're fur".
    Ok, now you can shoot me.