Friday, July 2, 2010

Pets and Other Things Mar 06

Whoever says that cats don't show affection doesn't have one.
I spent 35 unexpected minutes in the chair in the living room when my cat came up and onto my lap, settled sideways lying upward onto my chest, laid her head down, looked up at me and extended her "arm" out onto my chest also and in a manner of speaking was hugging me. Deep purring while I stroked her face and used the tip of my toe to rock us both while she went to sleep. I had laid aside the magazine I was starting to read and just devoted myself to the time.
This is my last day of break. I start the 6 day thing tomorrow. The 3 days and then 3 midnights. So the next break I have is next Thursday a week from today. I probably might get to the blog every other day. (no cheering now!!)
I have all my things done that I usually get done before a work cycle so today, from this time forward is just coasting.
One thing I discovered that may or may not be of interest to other women...I never have been one to use Chapstick or like products. I just never thought of it, never felt the need despite dry lips in the Winter. Finally a month or so ago they were dry enough to be uncomfortable so I bought an inexpensive drugstore brand "chapstick" for .99 cents. I applied it of course when I got home and the next morning as well..and there after everyday as the comfort level was noticible. Well, I noticed something else. While putting on my makeup one morning before work, I was applying a light application of lip liner prior to lipstick when I noticed my lips were somewhat fuller. For me, they were noticably fuller.
I got to thinking about all the ads for expensive lipsticks that purportedly make your lips fuller. I even tried one once as I have thin to medium lips at least. Now they are permanently medium, no more thin. I saw no difference using the lipstick though to be fair, I didn't like the color much so didn't use it every day. But enough to compare with my "chapstick".
Save money, fellow ladies (play on words intended) with less than full Angelina Jolie lips. Use a .99 cent brand "chapstick" and get the same result as you MIGHT with the 8$ and higher lipsticks and other applications out there for sale. I wouldn't do without it now. Apparently, moisture is the key!
I have long hair. Several months back, perhaps 6 or 8 months ago, I noticed my hair was breaking and falling out at an alarming rate. I knew it had to do with product usage as I had that happen several years ago and found out it was the conditioner I was using. (I didn't have any conditioner to use one time and, there was no hair falling out. I switched and it didn't happen again till lately). Turns out, through trial and error and elimination of various products that I was overusing a spray leave- in conditioner. I quit using that and the hair has grown back in droves. Guess I have sensitive hair. GRIN. But really it would seem you can over use anything. Now that's 2 times total for me and I will be more careful from this point on.
It was interesting however that in the Salon some time ago a woman was complaining of an unexplained hair loss. I asked what shampoo and conditioner she used and it was the same combination *I* had been using. I told her to stop using the conditioner and see what happened. It turned out when I saw her next time (she was desperate so she did as I suggested) her hair quit falling out. It would be unfair to the Company to state which brand that is, as I know it doesn't happen to that many women. We seem to be sensitive to one or more of the ingredients. That's just the way things go.
I've been around to see everyone in the blogs. Have a super Friday and weekend.

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