Saturday, July 10, 2010

Picture Taking 5/06

My youngest was here to celebrate Mother's Day with me as I was working midnights on THE day and this was my first day off.  The other boys celebrated before "the" day so now, we are all caught up.
But he is an excellent photographer, is my youngest. He took a few  photographs, macros, of the cat and then turned his attention to me.  I always cringe when the camera points to me as the cat does far and away better than I do in picture taking.   (I put a few of his pictures in my photos here on the blog).
He had me lined up at the end of the hallway to take a few of me and said.." me move farther away. "  I started laughing at the supposed implication that he needed to get far away to make the photo of me more bearable.  Then, when he said it had to be darker..I lost it!  I laughed so hard I had he backed away and made it darker!  He got some rip roaring laughing ones of me..and that's something that hardly happens.  I usually have a faint smile.  He made a few more cracks about that faint smile and caused me to burst into outloud laughter again.  And took pictures of that. His is a telephoto lens, just to clear that up...why he wanted to move farther away and the background light was bright..why he called for darker.  But I told him I was going to make it sound as bad as I could.   :) I was writing this to you Norton just told me of a high security risk -- an attempt to connect to me via, of course, the internet...and not a 'good' connection.  I'll look again when I finish this and open Norton Professional and see what it caught for me.  Someone sent or tried to send me a Trojan Horse.
Anyway, one thing that my youngest gave me  for Mother's Day was a large beautifully framed color picture that he made from a DVD of family pictures, of my Dad, now deceased.  That is so special!!!!  It's hanging up now.
I fed him pizza and Moose Tracks ice-cream.  I got more time with him that way than if he'd taken me out to eat.  RATS!  I was hoping to get him to fix my speaker wire...why I was bribing him with Moose Tracks!! rats!
We both forgot that!!!  So my surround sound ain't!!

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