Friday, July 2, 2010

Rant 3/06

I'm still doing midnight shifts but thought I would stop by for my first blog rant. Well, sort of a rant.
All my working life I have been partnered by one other person in the work place. Meaning my job specialty requires that I and another person work together for the 12 hrs shifts.
It is always a plus, that's for sure, if you get along one with the other. That has not been a problem. I have been partnered with some fine people thru the years and some of whom I still keep close ties in friendship.
But...even when you think highly of someone, if you are together for 12 hrs. your individual personal habits are going to wear on one another. It may be occasionally, it may be every or night.
First, you have the Hummer. This is someone who feels compelled to hum at intervals in the day or night. SIGH! Then you have your whistler. Some do it in a piercing high pitched way..these are usually women. SIGH. Then, topping it off for me personally, you have the one with either an allergy or a sinus drainage that seems to be forever an affliction for them..and especially after eating I suspect allergy, who does short stacatto loud attention grabbing coughs about every couple of minutes for 12 hrs.
I know that's a pain for the person (I have been partnered with two such persons in my career) but my oh my, it is a serious pain for the person having to listen to it all shift long.
I have had one for sure that has been pointed out to me on several occasions. That is " Will you sit DOWN for pity sakes? You're like a jack in the box!!!" for the scores of times I just pop up suddenly and start walking around..picking at things, who knows?
It's like a pseudo are bound together in one place for 12 hrs. and it's get along, get through or you're toast.
There's my rant. Haven't done one of those before.


  1. I'm glad not working with you:-)
    If you and me woks together though I don't think last long 12 hrs ....we were both spoilt ladys?
    xoxox Sis.

  2. Oh, this made me snicker (no, not snort, cough, ahem, gulp etc etc). You and I are so alike and if there was any way I could verbally make the audio sounds of the annoying 'ticks' of people I've worked with, well suffice it to say 'repetitive throat clearing' just doesn't do it justice.

    And I, much to the chagrin of both co-workers and my cats, don't sit still for long either. But then again--I don't text or update my facebook page while at work either...oh, I have updated my cat blog (but only because why should I be the only one working, lol)

    Thanks for visiting again today!