Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rats, Here we go again 8/06

All good things come to an end and my long break has come to its end.  Tomorrow starts the midnight shifts.  I already have everything ready as far as what I am taking in is concerned.I do those 4 midnights, get off Monday morning at 0700 and off till I start the 72 hr work week next.  All this is for family and friends who come to the blog to see what my schedule is.
My oldest is back at his place.  He stayed here for a day and night and that's always a pleasure for me.  I get to cook some!!  He had steak, NY Strip, garlic mashed potatoes, peas, corn and some gravy.  I just ate on the veggies.  I like making a good breakfast too.  Not for people watching their weight though.  He had eggs, bacon and a blueberry bagel.  I broke down and had caffeinated coffee this morning.  I am to lay off the stuff for another month.  Tasted pretty good.  Can't wait to just have it all the time as usual.
I went to a recommended CPA this morning.  Best money I ever spent.  He specializes in taxes and I needed advice from a professional.  Turned out that all my sons had been saying, each one, was about what this CPA told me as well.  But nothing like hearing it from someone paid to know.  I believe I will take my taxes to him this next year after all the W-2's come in. 
I have had a great break.  Family over the weekend since I headed to Charlotte to see them.  More in the person of my oldest yesterday and today, and friends in between.  And turns out
the first weekend in October will be another Renaissance Fair in Charlotte (NC) I enjoyed that so much last year!!!  Those who have read me for a year will recall how I declared myself a King groupie!  They did a super job at the Fair (huge affair) re-creating a Renaissance feel complete with costumes of course and Knights doing real jousting and entertainment of the sort one would expect to have seen in those times.
Hope all of you in the blogs are doing well.  I've been to see all of you this morning.

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  1. Ugh, sorry to hear you're going to be mia for a bit, but I see you've posted a week's worth of posts, LOL. WTG, Carole!
    I hired a new CPA and a financial advisor as well. Both are money well spent and sure takes a lot of the pressure off of me come tax time, AND the advisor monitors your investments every single day. I love that. A 2nd pair of eyes.
    The Renaissance Fair sounds GREAT. I've been to Charlotte a gazillion times and never knew they even had anything like that during the year. Do you know where the uhhhhh, darn, my mind is drawing a blank, the something Mart is? It's where clothing people take their wares to show and be bought by the stores. Anyway, close by is this little hole in the wall called Gus's. TINY little diner but he grows his own veggies in the back and serves them. He's known for his fried squash and is it ever good. If Gus's is still there, you have to go. Eat for me. I miss it.
    Ok, cya on the next post. On my wayyyyyyyyy