Wednesday, July 7, 2010

REALLY mad! 4/06

How stupid can you be???  They must hire morons at C*****t.
 I noticed that C*****t has called several times while I was on mids..and no message.  Something made me call them to see why.  Have no idea why I wanted to AND I had to navigate thru their voice mail twice to do it.
 They called me Mrs. ______and said I had a billing issue with them or rather they with me.  I said I am NOT Mrs.--------  I said if you have caller ID you can see I am ****** ********.  They said they did and could see it. 
 They proceeded to say  again, “Is this Mrs.______!”  I said “N-O!! I. Listen to me and look at your ID”.
 They said they had problems with bills with this _____ character and “he has the exact same phone number as you.”  I said “That is not possible.  He lied to you and he does NOT have the exact same phone number as I do.”  I further said I don’t know anyone by that name and to "stop calling me and to stop referring to me as Mrs. ______".  I said I have no idea who that is, and that they, C*****t, should have been able to realize without my help by now that no two houses can have the exact same phone number and what did it take to realize he lied???
 They claimed to have taken off MY number from HIS account.
 Makes me mad.  And makes me wonder if someone is trying to use some of my stuff.  This is a private unlisted and unpublished number. That may be the end of it but I showed the side of me not many get to see any more.  A highly torqued off individual.

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