Saturday, July 24, 2010

Remains of the Day 8-06

I went on over to the County Court Clerk's Office this morning early.  It is time to renew the drivers license.  I duded up a little, put on makeup of course! (no way I would go out without it) and my hair looked pretty if I say so myself.  Armed with that and some smell good..I confidently went in to have my picture taken and affixed to the new license.  I was confident because the last one five years ago was smashingly good!  Honestly it was.  And the one before that, equally so.  I thought I would do as well this time but alas... it was not to be.  Man, I looked bad.  I didn't care for it and she could tell so she offered to do over since no one was there but me.  Rats.  Still looked just like me!  No lino in sight to hold over the I just smiled and said thank you.  I will say yet again that digital cameras are merciless in their clarity of a lady (or ladies) of "a certain age". 
Guess we can hold back the ravages of time just so long.  May we all have so small a problem to deal with.  . Seriously, I am just having fun with the topic but I do maintain that digital cameras are not my friend.
I  sent a plea for help from MSN Live Spaces..they replied in short order and said that they had had many complaints about statistics not showing.  (That was what I was writing about) and mine was restored this morning.  They said they were trying to work the problem as obviously there is one regarding the server that our statistics are on.  I must say, they are excellent about prompt replies.  This is the third time I have petitioned for help and an answer arrived within 24 hrs.
Tell you what.  Let's all run down to Shoney's and have a hot fudge cake with coffee.  We can have decaf. Better make it two cars.  Last one there is a rotten egg.

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  1. I would just about sell my soul for a hot fudge cake. I want it and I want it NOW