Saturday, July 24, 2010

Restaurant Experience 8-06

I just came back from an attempted lunch with a friend.  I say attempted because what a fiasco.  Hey, I take eatin' seriously!!  We met at A**lebee's.  A lot of us head there or another popular place starting with an R.  Today was A**lebee's.  I ordered the Steamed Vegetable Platter as I always do when I am trying to lose weight.  Since I'm doing so well, why mess up a good thing and order anything else, or so I thought.
When the order showed up at last (they were busy...lunch crowd there) I added pepper only.  I am too aware that most foods are too salted for my taste and certainly don't need additional salt.  That's my taste..I know others don't feel that way.  Nonetheless, having not put any additional salt on the food I picked up my fork and dug in.  There are small pieces of potato, several slices of squash, tiny baby carrots, some broccoli and some cauliflower on the plate.  And a small piece of garlic bread.  So, not liking squash, I started out with the potato.  Someone in the kitchen must have up-ended the salt box on them.  Inedible.  The broccoli was  largely inedible also, but not every piece.  They must have mixed an old batch and the new batch together.  The cauliflower tasted "old" if that made any sense at all to you.  I can't think of another way to describe it.  And, the garlic bread was damp and spongy, inedible.  The carrots only were edible.  I asked for her to take it away and declined another fresh dish.  Declined another twice.  The Manager showed up ( a young girl) and brought another plate with fresh offerings.  She said " I know you don't want another"...bla blah blah.  The operative phrase here is she knew I did not want another serving and had declined.  Nonetheless she plunked it down and left.  Half an hour later the server (whose fault it was not) brought ME a bill for my veggies.  They already said I wouldn't be charged for the thing and brought another against my wishes.  I said I wouldn't pay for it. I reiterated that I had declined several times.  But if they insisted I pay, I would, but not be back  again even though I had been going there for years. I was not unkind to the server who had no fault whatsoever in this nor was I to the Manager.  I was firm.
I asked for the Manager who was still that little girl.  She denied having heard me say 'no'.  I reminded HER that she plunked that food down with the phrase "I know you don't want this but..."  Finally an adjusted bill came back and I paid for the diet drink I had. Plus tax.  I think that about did me on going there for quite a while.  I don't need nor deserve the hassle.  And paying $9.00 total to avoid a confrontation is ridiculous. 
I think I may go ahead and try to rid myself of the friends module as this morning I only got to 2 spaces and was unceremoniously pitched out on my other words, IE crashed on me again. 
I have everyone in links anyway.  Maybe it will help my poor dial-up connection and computer.  Sure didn't used to have all this drama when I tried to visit.
Signing off for awhile I remain,

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  1. Oh my lordddddddd, what a story about Appleb****s. Sheesh, I'd be hotter 'n a firecracker. That was terrible. They shouldn't have even accepted the money for the drink. Gawd.
    Well, now they'll have one less customer and maybe more since word travels fast.
    PS/ I don't care if these ARE old posts, I'm loving them.