Sunday, July 25, 2010

Riches 9/06

Being with friends is always riches and staying on with DD shift this past set of midnights was riches all in itself.  I wrote yesterday of the party with cake and all that good delicious stuff that goes with it.
Last night, D. hauled me all over the Plant about 0300 and we enjoyed being out and about again talking to the employees who are working.  Made the night fly by and gave us a needed break from the usual.
When we got back, I was handed a card and inside was a gift card for one of my favorite bookstores.  A sunstantial gift card and it was bought soley by my counterpart and more importantly friend, on DD shift.  That was completely unexpected and very dear to my heart. I would have felt the same about her leaving if the situation were reversed.  I will so miss her in particular.  I have asked that this not be the last I see of her.  She said it wasn't so I have great hopes.  She's one of the people who made coming to work worthwhile though we didn't relieve one another too often during a given work cycle.  But we knew we would eventually have a few minutes during shift turnover.  She, like me, is on 12 hr. shift rotation.  We shift workers have few opportunities for socializing.  An era ended just as I said yesterday in the blog. 
Yet another totally gorgeous day out there even if I was sleeping.  More cloudy than the past two but still, a day to be grateful for in that the weather is beautiful albeit cold! It was very cold in the house when I got home this morning and had to turn the heat on for awhile.  Soon as I wake up better I will start the house cleaning and that will warm me up.
I have been around to three blogs so far since I got up and I'll visit the rest after housecleaning and a hot shower.  Everyone so far seems to be doing well for which I am grateful.
I will cat sit my friends kitties on 10/9 thru 10/13 I believe it is.  Returning the favor for the same thing here last month.  And it will snow in the mountains again October 6th as we are headed to Charlotte to that Renaissance Fair I mentioned a few weeks ago.  I'll be back in time to sit hers right afterward. The snow in the mountains is an inside joke between me and her, as every time I started out to go to Charlotte this year in the first three months of the year, it snowed and made it impossible to go!   So now, we just ask or say it's gonna snow when a trip is imminent.
Need to start gathering cleaning materials and get crackin' in the kitchen.
See you in a while..
Soon to be unemployed and rested, I am

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