Monday, July 19, 2010

Secret Me '06

Now you will find out the secret me I don't often write of.  I am a would-be fashion maven. Only in my own little mind though.  I upped and bought another Vogue magazine today.  I haven't  done that for about a year.  They made me mad  last year in they way they sent out their renewal notice.  On the envelope it said " SECOND NOTICE!!!" just as though I had not paid their bill.  Torqued my jaw badly enough that I would not renew because of their tactics.  However that meant I did without them for a year and that like to have killed me.  I love Vogue.  I love Couture.  Haute couture and now, demi-couture.  Oh the dollar signs just ooze and drip off demi-couture.  It's hand made usually..a blouse can cost $4800.00 done by famous well known fashion Houses.
I so wish I had the bodily physique and the youth to carry off some of today's Haute Couture.  There is beautiful elegant dressing for women of 'an age', yes, but the young girls have all the fashion fun!  DKNY is really creating some memorable things..but Prada, Zac Posen, Miu Miu, Armani, Rodarte, Botegga Veneta,  Alexander McQueen, Carolina Herrerra, Balenciaga, Dior...whew!!!!!!!  OH to be young again but this time with some money.    I know..I hear all the " I think I will go to Wally World" statements out there.  That's where I go, too, so, understood.  But a girl (ahem) can dream, can't she?
The models who serve as clothing mannekins on the runways are flawless all over.  Skin, hair, face, wow.  So, guess I will just keep on dreaming and gawking.
Tomorrow starts the midnight shifts.  Nap at noon.  Sigh.  I just set the alarm clock to wake me early so I can actually fall asleep when I go back to bed.  Few more months and no more shift rotation.  Home for birthdays and holidays.  That will be awfully nice.

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