Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sigh 9/06

I'll make you a pan of brownies with a lot of walnuts and chocolate icing too if you will go into work for me tomorrow.  Only 2, 8 hr. shift to do for the week... days... but I just don't want to go.  So, I will be up at 0330 tomorrow morning as always, and off I go for the first of 2.  I have checking out to do and signature gathering.  It't a long drawn out ordeal quitting there where I work.  Lots of 'Mother May I'?  going on.
 I have had the hardest time staying awake these three days off.  If sit down, and especially if my cat gets into my lap..I am lost.  I fell asleep twice yesterday before heading to bed and almost did a few minutes ago.  I can scarce afford to take a nap today as I have to go to bed early so as to get UP early.  I know why this is happening.  Knowing I am in the home stretch makes me far more relaxed than I ever have been before hence, I am catching up on all that missed sleep I have endured for years and years.
I was visited by several different bloggers these past several days and an enjoyable time too for me.  I was to theirs first.  I don't always have the chance to space walk.  I like a genuinely different viewpoint.  I rarely put in my viewpoints on anything.  I just lean over the fence and talk to my neighbor instead, you.  But I have views on some things that are important to me.  Just I know that because I have an opinion, that does not automatically make me correct. So I don't often feel the need to tax someone reading this with my thoughts about things I haven't sufficient knowledge to harrang on. I let others do the alarums and excursions!  ;-)  However, if I am on your blog and you say something intriguing, I just might answer! 
Meanwhile, I hope everyone had a good weekend.  I have, when I was awake enough.  Gosh, I had the TV on and of all things it was on PBS channel and they had a re-run of Bob Ross and his painting series.  His voice should be patented as a sleep aid.  Talk about soothing! If the phone had not rung I would have rogered out again!!!
See you in the morning..about 0330.

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