Friday, July 16, 2010

Somebody Stop Me July 16, 2010

Someone stop me. I have a purse addiction. So far I have hanging up on the closet door (inside) 12 purses. I have given away many MANY. So I have room for more..always (fruitlessly) searching for the perfect one.

This time, it's a little more expensive. $95.00, and it is leather and includes a leather wallet. No outside cell phone pockets but there are plenty of pockets inside on the "wall" of the purse, so it means opening up by the third ring and answering. No one calls me with dire urgency on the cell as I only have it on when I am away from the house..hence it's in use half the time. Best to try my home phone first and then the cell. ANYway.

I am doing my thing and eating all the tomatoes I can pick off my tomato plant. Five so far with more ripening every day and I bought about 4 pounds of black seedless grapes and I'm foundering on those. Once i start, I usually quit only when my seams are in mortal danger of splitting.

A friend said he's come back from Myrtle Beach with a bushel of the sweetest peaches yet, from SC. And did I want some. Indeed I do. I thought he was coming over today with them but so far, not. I'm freshly shampooed and hair in rollers this time..that is usually the cue for someone to knock on the door.

Last nights supper was just float me away to paradise good. Oh that is a great restaurant; Had a great time And we had dessert. The piece of coconut creme pie had a real homemade crust, and the filling was about 3 inches tall and the meringue taller...4" or more. Oh my land was that GOOD. I had chicken fried steak with cream gravy, real mashed potatoes (not those box kind) real from the field green beans and fresh coleslaw. Life is good.



  1. TRULY the meal of my dreams right down to the coconut pie :P'''

  2. HOLY COW..Sis that means I am NOT the only one with Purses hanging and in drawers everywhere.:D
    I got so many I lose track. Never spent more than 25$ on one in my life though.. I get those on sale mostly. Qvc has some tiganello leather ones that make me shiver. Realllllly nice.
    As for the dinner.. well now that makes me want to make a Pie.. ALMOST.. it's just too darn HOT to bake the crust! Have a good one!

  3. beautiful purse Carole =]. My purses have gotten really small, so I can tuck it under my legs sitting in the wheelchair. I love purses too, like new books and paper stuff for signals a new way and putting everything in order so your ready for life! What a meal, I wish someone would cook for me! Good weekend Carole =].

  4. I am not a purse person although I have quite a few. I do like the looks of the one you just bought.
    The meal sounds scrumptious!!!!!

  5. Oh Carole the cat widget, jelly likes it very much .

  6. When I came to your site, that kitty was looking right at your purse. Better lock it up :)

  7. A purse addiction!?! Oh Carole, that is trouble with a capital "T"! I can think of many things I'd rather spend a $100 on I must admit but I've heard of others having this affliction or others like it *Lovely* (cough)....

  8. I have just the opposite problem. I hate getting a new purse. I get too attached to mine and keep them way longer than the average life expectancy of a purse.

  9. The black color's purse is nice that go with any color of your clothis:-)
    Enjoy your dinner AND don't forget get on to the tredmill....I didn't hear about the treadmil?
    otherwise you will be sorry Sis:-)

  10. I also can not ever seem to get the right purse. At least though I always buy second hand. Got hundred dollors purses for 5.00. For a very long time I used fanny packs. Then the more anxious in life I became I needed to have everything under the sun with me so it grew to near backpacks. Then huge shoulder bags which I can't do anymore cause of my shoulder and neck problems. Yep slowly coming back down in size. When I was young I never carried a purse. I would just have keys, driver license and cash in my pockets.

  11. I love love purses also and have a collection going too. The last too I bought are Pradas.. and yes I was in trouble. :) but Im the only girl at home now so I dont buy often and when I do I make it count. I do give purses away. These last two I think I will hang on to for awhile. They may never wear out. I did buy a LV backpack also. Havent used it much. Might now that I have more time. Garden is growning, Grass is cut and soon Im off on a holiday.
    Have a great day . Hugs