Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sunday 06

This is the last midnight I have when I go in to work tonight.  Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday off.
I got up an hour earlier than I wanted to get up, hydraulic pressure called...if you know what I mean.
It is an absolutely georgous day again out there but of course, now that I will have some time off starting at 0700 in the is supposed to rain.  Yes, we need the rain, but.  I think it is about 4 inches or so below normal rainfall for the year and my roses are looking peaked.  But, I would so enjoy getting up tomorrow afternoon to sun, not rain. Have had to sleep away all these beautiful days throughout the midnight shifts.
I have a pretty packed schedule while off including an appointment way too early on Tuesday.  Friends scattered throughout the rest for lunches and dinners.
Some of you ( friends and family) know I am leaving my place of work the last day of September this year.  I was conflicted about that decision for several months but now I am really looking forward to the end of shiftwork and long hours, with both eyes.  :)  Any major change in one's life can be stressful even though it is a good thing.  Working 8 hrs. a day will be like a vacation compared to the schedule I keep now.
Happy Easter everyone.  He is risen.

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