Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday 9/06

Just swallowed the last of my toast after I decimated the 2 eggs and I had better get going here getting dressed.  It's 4 and time's a wastin'.
Just went in to get my vitamins down and hoped to think of a topic while in the kitchen and can't think of a thing.  My mind is like a blank sheet of paper after having slept so hard and only been up about 35 minutes.
I have only been to three blogs.  I find that when I get home in the evening, folks have blogged and I can catch up whereas when I go at 0330 or 0400, no, no one has added to their blog.  I'm about the only one up and blogging then amongst us. So I will  wait till tonight to see the rest of you.  Gee, only took a year to get that figured out!!
I had a good hair day yesterday!  I don't know about you all, but those are just golden days to me!  They happen about once every two years!    Glad I did have that good hair day and it was at my expense in appearance walking to my building from the parking lot.  The distance is about quarter of a mile but there was heavy fog.  I had a silk scarf on my noggin and everyone I met who was coming off the midnights (I am on days till tomorrow night when I start midnights)  made fun of me for wearing the scarf. I have a choice to either wear the scarf or have hair like a Brillo pad.  Easy choice for me.  (would that we all had problems that trivial!!!)
Anyway, just saying hello and good morning and about to head over to the other email accounts quickly before I log off for the day. 
Have a blessed day.

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