Friday, July 2, 2010

Ther will be joy in the morning 3/06

I need to be getting dressed and getting my makeup on but I got to thinking as I was getting started.
One of my sons gave me a bottle of Joy perfume for Christmas. I see that the level has gone done some (who could resist??) but as I applied a little before putting my clothes on, I thought " There you go again. Conserving". There is no use in that. What a waste!
Someone, anyone gives us a gift that costs quite a bit and we "save" it for special occasions. What if a special occasion never comes or what if they , the occasions,are seperated by long lengths of time? What's more, what is a "special occasion"?
The gifts we get, expensive or not are most often given with love and with the hope that the recipient will use them. Why bother otherwise. So last night about 2 in the morning (I looked at the time for some reason) as I was sitting quietly at work, I got a waft of that exquisite scent. Made me glad I had put it on before leaving for work. A little treasure, that scent, to make my night more pleasant. Looking at a sapphire bracelet I was wearing that my youngest gave me for Mother's Day a few years ago added to the pleasantness.
Life is, as many have said well before me, short. What little things we have or can do to make it a bit more them. Don't put things off that are simple pleasures, for what will that ultimately do? It will just waste time, it will put to waste someone's effort to make you happy. You know the drill.
Now. I am off the do the face and hair.

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