Friday, July 2, 2010

They Listened to me! Mar 06

Kudos to the North Carolina State Department of Transportation!!!
I had an un-nerving experience on my return home from Charlotte in North Carolina. I was taking I-485 and focused on finding my exit, 10B. I saw 10 go by, 10A and was looking for 10B when VOILA! I found myself sailing majestically down an unfinished still under construction part of the still being built Interstate. Looking right and forward as I knew I was going onto the wrong area, I saw 10B yonder in the ever increasing distance. Sigh. Nothing to do but slow to a stop..make a turnaround (there sure no one there to stop me!!) and get back to the mouth of the abyss and try to make a left turn crossing all those lanes of traffic on-coming toward me in order to get back onto the "real" part of the Interstate and get to my exit. Judicious waiting allowed me to zap on over into the flow of traffic and make my proper exit.
I figured it would be for naught but I wrote the NCDOT anyway and by golly they answered. I figured that would be the end of it but it wasn't. They even called my house, sent me two additional emails and this afternoon on my return home, there was the final email.
I will put it here for you. It's a great example of how State government should work.

Dear Carole,

We have investigated your request and will re-install the barricades that have been knocked down or pushed aside to allow access to the I-485 construction projects. We will also ask that all construction vehicles enter the project from a different location so to prevent the movement of the barricades in the future.

We appreciate your concern for highway safety and if you find that there is anything else we can do to be of service, please let us know.


Now, how's THAT??? I didn't leave the man's name in here as he doesn't have a chance to answer the question " May I please use your name".

I know that they listen come to think of it as it is somewhat easy, or was easy to miss your exit in several places going into Charlotte from 100 miles out of the City as there were no Charlotte signs. Considering how large a City it is, that was surprising. My son wrote the NCDOT and darned if they didn't put up green signs with Charlotte on them. They agreed. He even ventured to say that US 74 being a 4 lane highway and with light traffic probably didn't need to have a speed limit of 55 any more, and darned if they didn't heed that too. I'm sure they studied all the things mentioned. Not like they do whatever anyone says. I for one am deeply appreciative.

Just came back from a wonderful luncheon. What fun and a beautiful day as well.

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