Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Things to do..places to go.. 06

Have a great young feller over here this morning to do several things for me outside the house.  One is to (that's done already) clean out under the house..the crawl space that serves as a basement and water heater houser.
He's the same age as my youngest son, so I had no problem in telling him how adorable he looks.  (I make all youngsters mine..it's just what I do).
Anyway, out came three old footlockers and an old suitcase.  Inside were old mostly disintergrated baby clothes (mold and mildew and  signs of small animals).
I saved three Birdseye diapers though.  Going to wash them and put them away, and  I salvaged one tiny knit outfit.  All three sons wore the same things with a few things added here and there along the way.  One thing that is wrenching to part with is the first son's baby carriage.  Although all three sons rode in it of course.
He was born while we were in Europe the second time and so it is a European baby carriage.  It STILL looks modern and good as far as style is concerned.  The suspension is still good and frankly, though it was uncovered and under there so many many years, outside of mildew and mold..it looks good.  I mean the fabric looks strong still.  I think when Chris takes this to the dump someone may want to invest some hard time into refurbishing that carriage. 
There is the baby swing...the wood is mostly destroyed with rot. I would have saved that were that not so.  The old over -the -crib "jungle gym" from the first and subsequent sons.  Just too far gone to save.  That would have been a mom's prize for sure to have the carriage and the swing, never mind the gym to keep.  But I have no place here in the house to store anything, i.e. the carriage..so it would have to remain under the house.
After this and having stapled up fallen insulation as well, he is going to spray the rest of the Behr's sealant on the deck.  It already has one coat, and the man who was going to put a second coat on is so covered up with his own house ordeals I haven't the heart to ask him when he can get to mine.  This is handy, it is getting done and saving my friend at work who kindly does some of these things for me (of course I pay) will have more time now to do his own.
This young man came highly recommended and he did an outstanding job on my youngest's home.  Now he's doing great work for me as well. 
Tomorrow is the start of another work cycle.  The much vaunted "6 day thing".  I start the first of 3 days shifts tomorrow morning.  I get 24 hrs. off and then three midnight shifts.  Next Thursday a week from today, that will be done and I get 3 days off to begin again with day shifts.
Oooh, I am itching all over with my exposure to mold and mildew under the house (dirt, no flooring of any kind) to which I have an allergy.  So, I came in, scrubbed my arms and hands and took  a Zyrtec.  Hoping to stave off a worse reaction.  I did, however, I am extraordinarily sleepy.  Zyrtec does that.
After all this is  done..he'll still have the deck to spray, I get to  do the shampoo, set the hair deal and sit around awhile.  Oh, I did get my hair cut as I mentioned a few blogs back.  It is just at shoulder length.  After having it hanging like a flag down my back, it feels strange having it this short.  And there isn't enough to make a pony tail so I sleep with it down.  It's annoying right now till I get re-used to sleeping that way again I guess.
I noticed one thing though.  I wasn't breathing hard traversing my back yard.  I alluded to the fact several blogs back that I have a seriously hilly yard.  Front back and sides.  That's why I don't mow.  That and my lower back.  Anyway, when I came back and forth up and down the hills with this and that from under the house I was moving along as rapidly as I always do, on level ground.  A benefit of having stopped smoking. Been 5 weeks now.
4 more months of shift rotations and I am outta there, but who is counting? 
Take good care, see you later.

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