Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tomorrow 5/06

Looks like the son who went to see his brother is back again safe and sound.  The other two seem to be doing alright and so am I.  Matter of fact I feel great physically.  I am full of energy.  Go figure.  Need to put it to work literally though as I start work again tomorrow.  0340 will see me up and at 'em.
A good blog friend was telling me in an email that her cats don't like walking on the wooden floor.  It reminded me of Robin, the ruler of the household we had for 16 years till she passed away. 
I had ordered up new carpet and while I was at work, it was installed in the living room and hallway.  The boys were home so they dealt with it.  Anyway, the cat detested that carpet ( and so did looked nothing like the sample I had chosen it from and we are talking majorly too late when I got home and it was installed!!) But I was saying; the cat detested that carpet and refused to walk on it.  For six months she would not put a delicate paw on it.  She leapt from furniture piece to furniture piece till she could get to the kitchen to eat and drink.  She relied on my sons to ferry her down the hallway so she could go to bed in one of their beds for the night.  One day, fully 6 months later, she finally walked onto the carpet in the living room.  It was such a momentous event we took a photo of her!!
Since then, I have another Queen of the household.. and when I had that detestable carpeting  that Robin hated so much taken up and new  carpeting laid down throughout the entire house (save the kitchen and bathroom of course) my present cat had nothing to say. Whew!
It's finally warm here.  I haven't had to have the heat on for about 3 days and nights.  My natural gas bill went up so alarmingly, I wish I could just have a fireplace.  ( not really..they don't do a good job at all, but it felt good to say!).
I am back on my diet.  Sigh.  I keep saying that and I keep doing that but this time (said that too) I mean it.  I'll let you know.
I saved a decent amount of money these past two weeks so I spent it on a new flippy black gauze skirt with a sorta tulip hem.  And a white blouse with a tank top..satin stripes on sheer fabric.  Pretty. 
See ya tomorrow..have a great week ahead, all of you.

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