Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weird and Weirder July 10, 2010

I came home from Knoxville hungry. After covering the car, I looked in the freezer and I saw some Fordhook Lima beans. My mouth watered. It took some cooking but I got them tender, put a pat of honest butter in there and let it melt..some freshly ground pepper, a little salt and I ate the whole thing. I love those big green limas. Fordhook are so extra good. I am bustin' wide open though for eating all of them. I couldn't stop.

I jones for veggies many times and I'm happy to make a meal off of a lot of corn only..or..some potatoes and carrots, maybe some pinto beans..blackeyed peas..all by themselves. So the title up there refers to me..weird. No one else likes those in mass quantities as I do and no one but me likes lima beans.

Spaces torqued my jaw especially badly today. A simple comment was all I wanted to do but it kept making me break it down into three parts. There is NO excuse for that. I will hurry up my export of my blogs. I hope there is no megabyte limit here. I have a lot of them.



  1. I get a real fetchin' for vegetables too though I'm more Asian in my preparation likes...I'm thinking my wife has a whole lot to do with that! Stir fry is about the only way we eat such things. I am going to show pictures of dad's Corvette that he got today probably next week...oh my gosh that thing is about as sweet as they come! He got a killer deal and is like a little boy with it...I'm just glad he's happy. As to WLS...they really need to be left in the cold at this point. Hanging on let's them feel they can get whatever they want as I said on FB...ridiculous elitist attitude...they don't deserve people such as you over there.

  2. Hi Sis,
    You having a healthy foods though opposite to I've ate in the last Friday:-)
    I loved beans too but I never try Lime Fordhook beans yet that I must try near future.
    From last April I expaned megabyte too that why I was so dissapoint with WLS.
    xoxox Sis.

  3. They have shown themselves as uncaring of the millions who use their service.

    Stir fry is delicious!!!

    Can't wait to see the Corvette. What come on..just a few hints before next week's pics?

  4. I was dissappoint with WLS :-)

  5. I love green lima beans and I can make a meal of just that one item. As far as spaces, I am thinking it is about time for me to finish my retro posting.
    The mater is gorgeous, as pretty as any flower.

  6. Your tomato should be ripe pretty soon. Ford hook bean, I don't think I ever had any.

  7. Are you really leaving Spaces??? I know it can be a pain to comment, but I've had no problems with my blog---although I've had trouble commenting on others. I'm trying to put my blogs on both now, so as to not lose too many people in the shuffle!