Sunday, July 25, 2010

What a Day this Was 9/06

Wow.  What a wonderful day.  You guys who blog remembered my birthday which I am very grateful for.  They remembered at work as well.  That surprised me as it isn't my shift, it is the day shift I'm working on today and tomorrow.  And notice I am home after 8 hrs. instead of 12?  I am off shifts and off the 12 hr. rotation and tomorrow is it for me.
But today, my boss's boss took me out for a  tour of the Plant.  It's like a small town so that took some time.  My last time to be able to do that.  I can't get back in once I leave.
When we came back...the whole big office smelled fabulous.  They'd ordered from Buddy's BBQ and had  gone to get it while my boss's boss was taking me around outside in the vehicle.  There was BBQ beef, BBQ chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, BBQ beans, buns, sweet tea, & unsweet tea.  AND a huge red velvet cake with gorgeous icing!  Roses everywhere and the icing had different flavors per different  color!! And a big card signed by everyone and that's a LOT o' folks.  And another from one of my boss's with a gift from him of the Gaither Family Gospel Songs on CD or DVD.  Now that is a treat.  Any of you fellow Southerners know whereof I speak. 
 There was a home made piece of stained glass from Pat on AA shift and a card, a gift card from the BIG boss for the Copper Cellar.  Another card from one of my boss's.  (They are combining my birthday today along with my retirement from there.)  Added to the gift cards from DD and CC shift and the dinner, breakfast, books and so on from all of them plus cards..I am honored as in no other time.  I will send an email to all of them that were there and not there (days off for the shift workers) to thank them for their kindness today and friendship shown thru the years.  I thanked everyone I could today but there will be some missed due to our various shift schedules.
I just wanted to share today.  I could not have been happier nor more surprised than I was today.   You almost want to stay.  But then, you know when it's time to move on to something else and have a less stressful work schedule.
Any of you who may read this with whom I and hugs to you.  Thank you.

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