Sunday, July 25, 2010

Winding Down

I won't have to go to bed early any more unless I want to.  That is, after tonight I won't. But tonight, I must one more time.  I will get up 0330ish, go into work and be home by 1000ish after I have turned in my badge.  That part is going to hurt.  It's been a part of me for so very long.  I have protected it, kept it safe, blah blah blah and now I have to surrender it.  Hard.  But, I will survive and get over it a lot sooner than I think right now.  No way I want to change my mind though.
I am in new jammies.  Remember Mutts in the comic strips? It's a doggie and a cat who are friends and live at the same house with their owners, a kindly older couple.  Love that strip.  I found a pair of organic pajamas tops and bottoms with Mutts, the cat and the dog, on them.  HAD to have them.  Says " Saving the world.  One kitty at a time" on there and Mutts and the cat are both clinging onto the globe and rescuing one another.  On the top, they are going off toward the sun, holding paws.
Brought in the plants yesterday when I got home.  They are all succulents.  One fell off it's stand during extremely high winds one night while I slept.  Heart breaking as that is all I have of Mother's.  She passed away in the mid 1970's  as a relatively young woman and I have had her cactus plant since.  It was lying broken up in the azalea bed and I picked it up on coming home and tried to settle it into its pot when I got home.  It was and is blooming..huge carrion smelling blooms shaped like stars.  It smells like carrion i.e. rotting meat and attracts blue bottle flies.  That's how it is pollinated.  I hope it lives to stink up the house some more.  That was a bad shock to it..and lots of it broke.
That bed is calling me and it isn't even 1900 yet.  Almost though. 
You know, for a place with thousands of employees, every darn one seems to know I am leaving!  I had the darndest people calling and coming by.  I asked how did they know I was leaving and they said it spread like wildfire.  I mean, the darndest people!  Managers, consultants...yes, I deal with all of them and more.  But I forget how much I am known I guess.  To me it's a job of course ( duh!) and I try to make it as pleasant as possible to deal with me.  I love to laugh if I can depending on the situation and share a laugh with a caller..but I am horribly busy and multi tasking so I don't retain that sort of thing long.  There are too many other things to think of and do.  But they do remember and kindly apparently.  That's a good thing, as Martha S. says. 
So, here I am, of burning eye.  I think I have been around to see all of you except that one that takes a hundred years to load what with me and my dial-up.  I go to that one last.
This weekend the boys will  be here but I have already spoken about that.
Guys, thank you for your good wishes for me and a more normal less exhausting life.  I mean my blogging family.  Thank you.

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