Friday, July 2, 2010

Wrasseling with Cats Mar 06

Friend of mine had a very amusing entry in his blog but a painful one too, about two of his cats having a territorial contest over him, and one cat the winner and he was left with the wounds from their tussle. The female cat who rules the roost frightened the male who is timid and my friend got track marks on his neck I believe it was from the male trying to get away.
I told him that reminded me of my experience a summer or so ago when somehow someway, a stray flea got into my home. My cat never leaves the house, so this one was carried in somehow. Meanwhile little did I know, we were working on a flea festation. When it got bad enough and I noticed the excessive scratching and the tell-tale flea "dirt" on surfaces throughout the house where she had lain, THEN I went to get some Vet supplied high power flea preparation. Did the trick but not before " The Incident".
My little cat sleeps with me..usually positioned at my neck and shoulder area. One night when I had just turned out the light, she yelped! And took off like a "scalded cat". But not before her hind claws inflicted a serious cut on my cheek as she fled.
I got up of course. It felt like a hot iron had been placed on my face and went to the bathroom to look. Yup. An inch long cut and some purty good blood flowing. Hurt, I reckon!!!! I dosed it up with soap and water and went back to bed with the pain and not her. She was off somewhere dealing with her affliction.
THAT is when I headed out to the Vet and got the horrifyingly expensive flea meds and after that and cleaning up behind her where they were dropping like, well, dead fleas, we were rid of the flea festation. Had to have the carpet cleaners in too as I wanted to be well and sure all fleas and their progeny were gone.
I will be headed back to bed at noon, a couple hours from now for a nap before I start my midnights tonight. Wish me luck in getting sleep these next 4 shifts. Don't always do the best when I sleep day times. Man, when I quit this job at the end of September, first thing I will do is take off the aluminum foil covering the windows to make and keep it dark in there and have a normal light-filled room. Yes!
Later dudes and dudettes

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  1. You must had worried about your face that time? scratch from your little cat of course by an accidents, it seems doesn't leave marks on your face?