Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yesterday 5/06

Man, yesterday at work was a day from you-know-where! Glad that's over and here I am at 0359 already fed (my usual 2 eggs and toast w/coffee) and about to head in and get dressed to do another day.  A more kind and gentle day, I sincerely hope  I heard thunder during the night and I still do.  Looks like another chilly wet day.  Just glad I still have electricity so I can see to do my makeup.  I remember plenty of times before the city upgraded the electrical system that I didn't have electricity for hours at a time regardless how puny the weather was at the time.  Man, that's a drag!
Been around to see all my blog friends before I log off and get ready for the day. 
I was listening to the thunder and seeing the flashes out there while writing and I am reminded how the career(s) I have chosen are affected in day to day operations viewpoint by the weather.  If I am at work and it's doing something untoward out there..Oh, believe me..I am affected by the workload bad weather presents.  I was thinking as I wrote that it will be strangely different to not be in that job any more after September.  I will be able to hear a storm coming...see snow falling..and just enjoy them instead of wondering about their 'possibilities' at work.  THAT will be nice!!!  When I leave I will talk generally about what I do. Or did, in that case.
Take good care..I am about to get set for work.  Have a great weekend!!

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