Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yippee 06

Last midnight shift tonight and then my usual Monday thing.  Sleep only till noon  (YIKES!) to get my nights and days turned back around and then clean house.  Tuesday I will go to the Salon and get my hair cut to shoulder length.  To me, I'll feel as though I haven't any hair at all for awhile after having it so long for years, but then I will adjust to styling shorter hair. 
It has been in the lower 90's but nice out albeit humid. Fine with me.  Beats that incessant rain we were having.
Any Bank of America customers out there?  I read in the newspaper (have it right here beside me) that they have plans to offer Visa cards that can be customized with a photograph of the client's pet. They showed a picture of the Visa card.  Pretty cool, actually!!
I had the opportunity the other evening of watching The Animal Planet and their featured show on Meercats.  I love those little guys.  They are not cats of course.  Have no idea why that word is even in their names.  However, as Sophia would have said on "Golden Girls" so long ago, I digress.  I couldn't watch but 5 minutes of it and had to turn it off. 
They started with showing a den of Meercats trying to take back their property.  A Puff Adder had moved in while they were out foraging.  They, the colony of Meercats were attempting to boot the Adder out of their den.  The Adder struck and "hit" one of the Meercats two times.  It was lethal of course.  Did they have to follow the poor little Meercat as he staggered away?  Did they HAVE to show closeups of his poor face and leg where he was bitten?  Did they HAVE to continually bear down on his poor little self trying to handle the poison and going away from his family (they live in families) to die?  Tragedy happens in our world and in the animal world.  Do I have to see it up close and personal for minutes at a time?  I blogged about this topic in what I called the old term of yellow journalism where I went on and on about the news media forcing us to see extreme closeups of grieving family members, dead people in car wrecks, and so on.
Yes, I am tender hearted, I know that, but looking and remembering the way things were reported "back then" and how they are done today..there is a world of difference.  There is no respect whatsoever for the every day person. If there is a camera around then by gosh yours, my or 'their' image will be shown to the world in your deepest personal moments.
I was looking at old newspapers I might add, where they used to just report the news!!!  Fancy that!!!  No privacy violating details of the victims if it was a crime they were reporting.  Just the news!!!  Imagine that!
Hey, I'll quit.  I just got a page anyway and need to make a call.
See ya and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

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