Monday, July 19, 2010

Yippee WooHoo '06

Anyone who knows me knows that title means this is the last day of work before the long break.  I accidentally got up at 0230 instead of 0330 but, I don't care this time.  Speaking of that, have you ever reached out for the alarm clock in the night (or day, in my case) to see how much time you have left to sleep...gazed at it with eyes hardly opened (so you don't wake  yourself up too much by looking) and see by the hands on the clock that you have overslept to the extreme???
One time, and I was on days, I reached out to grab the little clock (I like those small travel clocks) to see what time it was.  Now, my rising time in the morning is 0340.  I brought the clock closer, opened my eyes some,  and LO!!!  It said 0632.  ARRRRGGGGH!  NOOOO!  I leapt out of bed..late by 3 hours and flew into the kitchen to start the coffee while I washed my face and hurriedly threw on some clothes.  I came into the bedroom, turned on the light and started to make the call to work to apologize and say I'd be there as quickly as I could when my eye fell on the clock again.  It said it was a few minutes after midnight!!!  Midnight????  Midnight!!!  Still holding it..I realized what I had done.  I had reached out in the dark for the clock, grabbed onto it..looked at it and  all the while the clock was upside down! 
Sheesh!  Here the coffee was made and my face was washed, some clothes on and it was just after midnight.  I had only been asleep for awhile. 
I turned OFF the coffee, took off my clothes and laid down again in the hopes of going back to sleep.  But only after I quit laughing at myself.  I actually did get back to sleep for awhile. 
Once I remember waking, trying to see the clock and it was 5 or so..and I didn't know if it was 5 in the morning or 5 at night I was so exhausted from mandatory overtime.  So I had to get up and ask one of the boys!  I set it for military time after that and never looked back.
Have a great day!  Go do something for yourself for once and don't feel one bit guilty about it!!

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