Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another Use for Aluminum Foil

Bad news for me.  I was in my room..newly lightened by the removal of sheets of aluminum foil.  You'll remember we had a ceremony when that came off the windows when I worked my last day and midnight at my former place of work.
Well, standing there in front of said windows while comtemplating what to wear, I felt a distinct breeze.
As one of my sons had put weather stripping in the appropriate places after the windows were cleaned, I thought all was well.  All is not well.  That breeze was whistling through what seemed to be the glass panes themselves.
Doesn't take the proverbial rocket scientist to know what THAT means.  I took that foil off and now I can better feel the wind streaking through the windows!!! I can obscure my new view with those awful looking view obstructing plastic panals (no) or I can call the new window folks and get an estimate.  One of my sons had his done 2 at a time.  It is an expensive ordeal.
These are not standard windows in size.  This was one of the first commercially built homes (this area right here where I live) in the City and as this is a Government town..used to be, that is...these homes are on the Historic Register. Nothing is quite the same size as homes today.  Door and window-wise that is. So I can't just ask around about storm windows. It's all or nothing I am afraid.
I did get up on the treadmill again.  25 minutes with increasing speed. I have washed my hair and waiting on it to set so I can go out and do my errands.  Nope, never learned to use a curling iron and don't wanna.  My hair is in excellent condition due to not having heat applied to it except for drying and that not too much. I want to look "purty" this late afternoon so I am willing to suffer the wait to take my hair down.
I had to cancel my dinner last night to go to the receiving of friends for my neighbor and good friend...I have something this late afternoon/evening.  I have something tomorrow with a woman friend about noonish. (Boys, it's Pat.  You KNOW how that will probably turn out).
Monday night will be the canceled dinner. Whew. I am not used to such a social whirlwind one day after another.  I am used to using my planner and squeezing all this in on off days.  I am left with feeling as though I need a new schedule now. 
Marilyn, please be safe on your trip.  Come back safe and successful. (If any one will be successful, it is you, Girl!)
See you later..the cat wants me to get up and "fish" with her.  I had better! (if I know what's good for me).
Oh, by the way I DID mail that card with comments to Wal*Mart about that delightful young cashier.  It was a male cashier and they are usually more friendly.  Go figure.

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