Saturday, August 7, 2010


Cat is on the treadmill.  Asleep.  That means I don't have to be, doesn't it? I can't disturb her!
I am cat sitting for 5 sweeties up the street for the next 5 days.  My little lady will be sat for in return toward the end of the month.
It is another gorgeous day!  Surely this can't last much longer!!!  But in celebration of the day, on the way home from having the car washed and waxed (I am terminally lazy) I picked up a hitch hiker!!!!  Yes I did!!!!  He had his thumb out and who could resist.  I rolled to a stop, unlocked the doors and told him as he was trying to get in, that I assumed he wouldn't knock me upside the head.  He said the heaviest thing he had was the grocery bag he was carrying.  I said that was fine as I had him in checkmate!  I had one too!  We headed up the hills and down the dales.  He said he lived at, like, # 439 or such on my street.  I am living at a hundred or so less than that.  I was happy to drive him on up.  He retired from where I worked in 1985.  And he is 86 years old.  He ventured that his Dr. did not want him to drive so he hitch hikes all over town!!!
I told him as I turned into their drive way that their yard was the one that all of my sons-- when we all 4 took walks way way up the street--stopped and rolled on.  They loved that cushiony grass and could not resist just rolling like little logs.
So it was fun to help out someone like that and to tell him what a hit his yard always had been.
I got a call while out and I'll be out to dinner tonight.  Looking forward to that.  I had a surprise wonderful  visit last night.
I was almost ready for a shower..and at the computer when I heard knocking on the door.  Ordinarily I will not even bother getting up. (woman alone/dark outside syndrome) but somehow I did.  I was about to turn and walk back to the computer when I was led to holler "who is it?" and it turned out to be my best friend and her daughter!  They were here about 2 1/2 hrs. and that was a wonderful surprise.  Usually we have to coordinate these things.  I forgot though where she did not, that I no longer work the 12 hr. shift rotation.
The VOLS won the football game against GA!!  GO VOLS!  It was times like that however that make me regret going on that tangent that if you don't watch it, don't pay for I got rid of the so-called expanded basic cable. Doing that took ESPN away and consequently a lot of my football viewing now that I am home to watch.  However, paying may as well say $80.00 every 2 months  for the channels they offer is still not worth it largely.  I won't watch that sort of thing. 
I am/was a Weather Channel junkie, History channel, A&E, some of Discovery, and Learning but...I lost those when I got rid of the fifty million music channels I have no interest in whatsoever. So I am left with 13 channels for my 13 dollars.
Miss everyone who has gone on trips.  Hurry back you all!

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