Sunday, August 8, 2010

August 8, 2010 ---so there!

Two things. One, I always knew what a girly girl Miss Catt is but once again, she proved it. I gave away a set of sheets..on which she was posed in one of her many glamor shots :-) the pink sheets. I gave them away because they are Wa*ma*t brand, Ca-n-o-py, and I have never EVER seen sheets wrinkle like those. They look like some old convict has been rolling in them after being let out after 10 years in prison. I have never ever EVER seen such horribly wrinkled sheets. SO..I gave them away to unsuspecting people and bought a set of premium sheets from Bed Bath and Beyond. They were high..but they were worth it. They float on the air like silk on their way to the bed. Miss Catt happened past the bedroom early as I was changing bed clothes and she decided that she would take up several hours residence there in the bottom sheet, newly put on. She was still there when I returned from church so that gave hrs. from the time I put it on. I persuaded her with a promise of brushing to leave, and I made the rest of the bed. She got back on it later this afternoon and slept happily for another hour or so.

Now..guess what?!? Another Flickr honor posted for one of my photos! That's three in a row for three weeks in a row. The first one I told you about now has 664 views. I am knocked over by that. The second one not as much at 93 views..not too shabby though and the newest one day before yesterday has 163 views. Out of the tens of thousands that are posted to Flickr every hour, they chose 3 of mine.I am truly honored.

Miss Catt has an appt. at the v-e-t tomorrow. 1500 hrs. Your likely to hear her from where you are. :-(


  1. You just seem to be on a roll Carole...good for you! Sorry about the vet appointment...I always know that's no fun.

  2. money... for the cat... instead fliker.... nah

    sheets sound comfy n well road tested... now for the poor con..

  3. So she finds the sheets too cosy. Congratulations with all your photos on flickr. Do you like the new viewer? I love it! I will listen out tomorrow for those cat wails coming from your direction.

  4. I am delighted that flickr is honoring several of your pictures! congratulations!
    Good luck with the trip to the vet.

  5. How can I view the photos Flickr is featuring?

  6. I guess my last comment didn't post. Oh well, I'll try again on your next blog.

  7. Keeps it up Sis! I thought you might have three time a good things:-) love to hear the good news. So an old sheets were gave it away and had new ones...Miss Catts has testing out is okay?
    awhile she having a good moods then take her to the Vet LOL!