Saturday, August 7, 2010

Before you go 10/06

I mean, like, everyone does this.  So I may as well too.
Ever list some things you want to do, wish you would do, wish you COULD do before you roger out of this world? I have.  I doubt there are many I could think of  right now but that is just because I am putting myself on the spot by bringing it up.Plus, I have done a few things...I have learned to fly..I have learned to shoot all manner of weapons (pretty good at it too!) and I have lifted some very heavy weights back before I had to go to work and work shift work to boot with ungoshly mandatory overtime.  Working shift work and ungoshly overtime precluded working out 6 days a week, 4 hrs. at a time in order to be a power lifter...which I was. If I may say so, I got to be pretty good.  And no, I did NOT look like those ladies we see who develop all the little groups of muscles.  One of my blogger family has seen some pictures and can vouch for that.I was just very strong. I was on a team of guys.  The only redheaded woman.  The only woman.  :-)
I think this is what I have done..not what I want to do.  Let's see if I can get back on track.
I want to run a half marathon.  Run it.  Not walk it.  I am just starting to try to get back into some sort of shape.  We will see.  Thing is, one has to tell one's age when one enters.  Not my strong suit. 
I want to hike up Mt. LeConte.
I want to go to Hawaii (spelling ?)
I want to run for office here in town.  I have already been approached and had work for an excuse.  I want to be brave and just do it.
I want to be less private.  I am extremely private.  You may say "sure doesn't seem that way to me!  Here you are blogging all this time!"  But I haven't told you all. I was and and still am  selective. Well, I couldn't run off at the keyboard anyway due to the job I had.  Now I am used to not telling. 
I want to not be intimidated by digital cameras!!!
I want to learn how to swim. (I am a petrified adult). 
I want to learn to ride a bike. (never did). (feel like I can't)(But I can skate!...go figure!)
What else?  Hm.  Soon as I log out I'll think of something.
I wish I had had a half a dozen kids instead of just 3 but that wasn't left up to me.  Someone else in the partnership had a say.  I adore family, children, being a mom..all that. 
Most of all, as do so many others, I would like to make a difference with someone or some place before I "roger out" of this world.
See ya later, gators.

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