Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bob Barker Says "It's a New CAR!"

Yes, that's right, you've heard it a thousand times on The Price Is Right. You're expecting some idiotic prize that you may win with the old yodeler game or something but then you see these old models wave their arms and then Roddy said it, "A new car!!!" and everyone gets all excited and grabs onto Bob for life. In fact, it's so exciting it makes me use run-on sentences in order to express adequately the fervor and merriment of the moment.
So here, for an internet debut, is the one... the only... son to make this blog entry. With his great cooperation and amazing skills, I was able to get these pics up for you. I suspect that I'll have to slip him a twenty or something as appropriate thanks. But on second thought, that wouldn't be adequate enough to compensate him for his talents and remarkable eye.
And with a mighty crack of his sizeable knuckles, I present to you THE CAR. Rides are available for $5/mile. Please, don't everyone sign up all at once as I can only take 3 people at a time. Group discounts are possible. Fudge is acceptable payment. Firstborn children are not welcome unless potty trained.

And everyone, Merry Christmas to you, your families and friends.  Lots of love and happiness to you all.

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