Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cool Beans 11/06

Got some things done today.  I went out this morning and used the leaf blower to get the worst of them out of the upper flower bed so the pansies can breathe!!! Then I had a date at Starbucks so had to leave after winding up the cord and putting things away.  By the time I got home I didn't feel like hauling out the sheet and transporting leaves down the hill  to throw over the fence into the forested area.  Tomorrow I guess, as long as my lower back will let me.  Had to shampoo my hair anyway and set it for awhile (I don't use heat on my hair).
I can do that several times a day till I get the worst of them up.  Then blow again and start all over again.  If you could see my yard you would understand.  As mentioned, many many MANY stories -tall trees.  Drifts of leaves half way up my calves.
I got a call tonight inviting me to a party the night of the 18th.  Can't wait!  So looking forward to seeing everyone and my escort. 
Ever try to clean a reluctant female kitty's ears out with a Q Tip?  Ain't easy.
I have a big day tomorrow too.  Starting off with the treadmill!  I was up there decently long today.  A luncheon after that.  So..looking forward to that as well.
Looks like I am about the only one save one other who has seen Dancing With the Stars.  If my brain rots, that's OK.  It's about the only TV entertainment I have as I don't watch TV much.  Too much else to do.  Like Amy, I had so few channels who cared.  I know I blogged about that.  I didn't watch so I gave up all the channels.  Have them back now and still don't watch by and large!  :-)
Have a great evening..I have been round to see you all.

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