Sunday, August 22, 2010

Could it Be? 11/06

If I can keep a connection, I will ask you if it could be I will be forced to spend the big bucks and get Comcast broadband connection instead of my conservative and much less expensive dial-up?
 For some reason, since last night, no less, I can't keep a connection more than a couple of minutes.  Not on my usual ISP (which will be cut off 11/30 ) or Bell south with is my new one.  So, I have a choice of 2 ISP's right now and neither holds the connection more than minutes.
If I don't go see you, you know why.  I can't.
Had a great day at the lake in my camp chair, with a book, a bottle of water and a nutrition bar, just in case.  Lots of geese and ducks, gulls too.  Mild and sunny day.  Probably the last till next Spring.  I loved it.  Me and my inner 17 yr old just made that decision.  We put the chair in the trunk..headed off to get some vittles for the next several days and drove straight on out to the lake.
Better see if this will "take".  Not  an interesting blog but I wanted to say what was happening with the connection.
LATER:  It must be my Outlook.  I can keep a net connection, like this,  after all.  But go to email and it's all over.  I tried to check to see if the modem set itself (as I sure wouldn't!!) to hang up after retrieving mail.  However, I must be looking at the wrong place.  Thought I would see that if I clicked properties and went through all that stuff.
Meanwhile, seeking help as to what to do but so far no replies from anyone.  Hard to do from afar anyway. (I am referring to my children, not you all.)(they are at work so probably don't know yet I am having problems plus..they don't  live very near.)

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