Saturday, August 7, 2010

Crack o' Dawn 10.06

ood grief! Up at 0500 and didn't have to be. I was warm, comfortable and glad to be in there but here I am. I have to say...I am thoroughly enjoying not living by the clock right now.
I was headed to Charlotte this weekend but that plan fell through. We will go there toward the end of the month. I think I understood that time from my youngest with whom I will be traveling this time.
These past 4 days have been idyllic! Absolutely stunningly beautiful as October days can be sometimes. (most times). The sun is brilliant..the sky is almost achingly blue..the clouds are puffy and shades of white. Gorgeous. I still have not had time to get out specifically to enjoy it. Circumstances led me to other things and too, I am still celebrating my birthday with friends. Tonight is another dinner. So looking forward to that. Thursday's as well. That ought to catch me up. :-) Nope. I just got a lunch invitation.
I have made myself a sticky note to write the Manager of Wal*Mart and tell him about a good cashier he has. I wish they were all that way. He was outstanding in attitude and I will see to it he is commended by at least one customer Me!!
I am like a kid with a new toy every time I go into my room and see daylight! I just can't get over it! SUN! In my room!!!! Last weekend I took the aluminum foil off of the windows..washed them and by gosh, it looks great in there! I can't get over it! The thing is though, now I have to close the mini blinds to dress. Never used to have to think of it.
I have been around to half of you..I'll go to the other half. See ya later.


  1. Don't you just love birthdays that are not only good but go on for a long time? My daughter's b-day is next in line and she's pretty excited about it. I'm glad your weather is so nice. I just can't get over how time is slipping by. We got the first set of the kids school books yesterday. My youngest starts this year and that just blows my mind. where does the time go?

  2. Are you celebrating your bithday 6 weeks early or is this a retro post??